• Exset launches DMS return path for homes without internet connections         
  • CMG Pakistan launches DMS VAS           
  • RMEC Cambodia broadcast DMS 2.0           




Exset is a Digital TV Solutions company with its headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in the UK, Estonia, Russia and India. Bringing new business and technology solutions to operators Exset enables them to generate new revenue streams and
increase ARPU
These solutions are provided through its powerful multiscreen VAS, DMS, which enables operators to bring in new revenue streams through a series of key features including Ad insertion, games, interactive one way services, infotainment, EPG ads and much more. Exset also provides content protection to homes across Asia and Europe. These solutions allow operators of all sizes to benefit from a proven, deployed, scalable system that will secure their media content and with DMS create new revenue streams. For more information email query@exset.com