About Us

Exset Services BV (“Exset”) founded in 2011 and headquartered in the Netherlands, is a value-add broadcast ecosystem provider targeted at emerging markets and markets in transition. Exset leads the world in value-add service (VAS) creation for digital TV networks using the latest smart technologies – ad Insertion, Smart Ad EPG, interactive advertising and services.

Central to this is DMS, the company’s powerful middle-ware technology. Operators can create new, value-add digital business models very cost-effectively, opening up new revenue streams. This ensures they are able to be financially successful in extremely competitive emerging markets, driving up ARPU, including in those countries experiencing digital switchover.

Exset has grown quickly, gathering powerful experience around the world. It helps operators manage the technological shift to expanded service provision in a digital market and to develop new business models to generate new revenue streams.




Anton Anisimov

Head Project Manager


Peter Myakoshin

Chief Operating Officer


Andrew Spriggs

Finance Director


Andrew Pons

Director of Global Sales & Marketing