Digital Consultancy

Exset digital TV consultancy service

Helping operators manage digital deployments

Exset’s Digital TV Consultancy Service brings together the company’s years of experience in digital television system deployment. It allows those looking at or involved in digital switchover to take advantage of our expertise therefore ensuring a smooth path to launch and then service and subscriber growth.

With global market knowledge in managing transitions from Analogue Switch Off (AS0) to Digital Switch On (DSO) – including in Cambodia for DTT and Bangladesh for DTH – Exset brings a wealth of business and technical experience and support to help operators manage the switch over. Specifically, our service offering includes: technical design, service creation, digital service launch, platform management and creating new value-add business models to grow subscriber numbers and average revenue per user (ARPU). We understand the complexities of digital platform launch and can guide operators through what is a complicated process.

Technical Design

Exset helps operators manage the complex task of selecting the right technical solution for their digital platform, from conditional access systems, valued added services, headend equipment all the way through to powerful yet cost-effective set-top boxes for any network. Exset works closely with many suppliers in the industry and can therefore ensure the right technology is selected by an operator. That technology has been integrated into a flexible overall ecosystem from which we can select the correct components for each business case. We understand the pressure and pain points and how to avoid them.

Business models

Going digital is both a very significant cost and also one with no guarantee of additional returns unless expertise is deployed throughout the process. Indeed, one of the biggest challenges we see consistently is ensuring that operators see a rapid ROI once they have chosen to launch a digital TV platform.

Television markets are highly competitive. We understand the demand from operators to make their platform profitable even as content becomes available across more networks and platforms and devices. Exset has helped operators create new business models using the latest value-add technologies to ensure that they do not only rely on subscription fees for revenue, rather there are multiple revenue streams.

Build Manage and Deliver (BMD) Service

Exset has a vast pool of resources and experience it can offer to set up a digital TV platform, including managing the whole launch operation and then handing it over to the operator.
This we call our BMD service:
• Build the technological solution, business models and marketing
• Manage the teams of people, content and technologies
• Deliver fully working platform to operator with staff in place, all technical and business aspects completed