DMS Value Added Services

Exset’s DMS, a powerful yet highly efficient middleware, sits at the heart of the company’s unique business and technology model. It allows operators to provide value-added services over digital broadcast networks, creating essential monetisation paths over and above subscriber fees. This helps drive subscriptions, increase ARPU while reducing churn.


Partner integration

Understanding the need to create a complete ecosystem, Exset has integrated DMS across set-top boxes from a variety of vendors as well as with conditional access providers. The company also works with the content partners, including major brands and agencies, to create an end-to-end proposition.

Expertise when you need it

Exset has a team of experts that works closely with its customers, looking at ways of enhancing their services and increasing revenues. All the value-added services in Exset’s portfolio have been designed to be easy to use, manage and deploy.

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DMS Templates

DMS provides a set of templates to construct the interactive TV platform, based on the requirements of the content author. This page shows you a list of available DMS Templates and several examples of how these templates can be utilized.



Smart EPG

Knowing that the EPG will typically be used 15 times a day, Exset’s technology powers both the creation of the EPG and also automated and content-linked ad insertion on that EPG.



Ad insertion/dynamic ad insertion

This is a unique insertion solution that allows operators to automate the process of inserting adverts, either during programmes or into DMS value added services.



Video ad insertion

This allows the use of video adverts rather than static, helping to increase video engagement.



Red Button information services

By pressing the red button on the remote control, viewers can select from a range of information services, be that up-to-the-minute sports information, weather or news. This can also be used to allow access to additional content based on a particular programme: a recipe while watching a cookery show, for example.



Video selection

This allows quarterly scaled video and a list of links that are typically related to the video that is playing. This template can be used for example, to provide Video on Demand content



Mosaic selection

This enables four different video streams to be presented at quarterly scale offering viewers the ability to see what’s on and select easily.




Easy, video-on-demand selection from a catalogue with up to 24 items able to be displayed across three onscreen pages.



Movie information and purchase

This allows the promotion of other movie purchase options running on the network and quick access to them at the touch of a button.



Pop-up menus

These can be used as the launch point for an application and also can be linked to from the red button template, allowing a menu to be displayed for a themed channel interactive application.



Additional options

There is also a range of other onscreen listing, content selection and related advert placement options that can be tailored to the requirements of each operator.