The Netherlands, 5th December 2016 –– Exset has announced the launch of its new Digital TV Consultancy Service. The consultancy has been set up to allow those looking at, or involved in, digital switchover to take advantage of the company’s expertise across markets in transition.

Andrew Pons, Director of Global Sales and Marketing with Exset, said, “With our market knowledge – including our work in deploying services with multiple operators in Pakistan and also in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Russia – we bring a wealth of business and technical experience to support the transition from analogue to digital. It is too easy for those living in evolved digital societies to forget that in many markets digital TV transition has not yet occurred.”

Exset’s offering includes: technical design, service creation, digital service launch, platform management and creating new value-add business models to grow subscriber numbers and average revenue per user (ARPU). The Digital TV Consultancy Service will help operators ensure that they have not only made the right technical decision but that they understand the business complexities in switching to digital.

Exset works with expert manufacturers across the supply chain and is therefore able to select the right ecosystem for each operator. Even those operators that have already digitised use the company’s services in order to properly use the technology and new business models to allow them to become profitable.

Pons said, “Going digital is both a very significant cost and also one with no guarantee of additional returns unless expertise is deployed throughout the process. Indeed, one of the biggest challenges we see consistently is ensuring that operators see a rapid ROI once they have chosen to launch a digital TV platform. Value-add services are also crucial in encouraging populations used to free-to-air analogue TV to pay for digital.”