EXSET partners with AKSES KARYA DINAMIKA in INDONESIA to drive digital broadcast network deployment

Exset, pioneers of TV ecosystems for enhanced digital TV services, has today announced that it has partnered with Akses Karya Dinamika, the large-scale ICT project specialists working across Indonesia. The partnership is designed to deploy Exset’s DMS 4.0 in Indonesia as it continues to move along the path towards digitisation.

DMS is a unique business and technology model that allows operators to provide value-added services via broadcast networks in emerging markets, creating essential monetisation paths over and above subscriber fees. Subscription rates and set-top box costs have to be kept to a minimum to drive penetration in these markets, but ARPU must also be driven upwards.

DMS 4.0 powers a range of services on very low-cost STBs, including fully integrated EPG ad-insertion, allowing operators and content providers to reach a new audience as soon as users turn on their TV. Exset’s DMS 4.0 allows for ad insertion in the broadcast stream at EPG banner level, alongside its successful value added services.

Ir. Herry Widjiyanto, President Director with Akses Karya Dinamika, said, “Akses Karya Dinamika is a vendor-independent systems integrator and is involved in a range of projects across the country aimed at increasing connectivity. With huge variation in internet penetration across the nation of islands, as well as variation in the quality and availability of digital broadcast networks, Indonesia is ideally positioned to take advantage of Exset’s DMS technology.”

Additionally, DMS supports Push VoD, allowing operators to pre-load their most popular content to the viewer’s set-top box. USB-based PVR capabilities, meanwhile, mean viewers can record content on a simple USB stick connected to the set-top. ‘Red Button’ interactivity provides additional magazine services (weather, news, and sports, for example) at the touch of a button on the remote, or open up additional video from a programme stream.

DMS is already deployed by multiple operators across Asia, including CMG in Pakistan and One TV in Cambodia, as well as at Tricolor in Russia allowing them to offer value-added services to TV sets over and above video and audio.

Andrew Pons, Global Director of Sales and Marketing with Exset, said, “We are very pleased to be partnering with Akses Karya Dinamika. Indonesia, as is the often the case in emerging markets, has the desire and ambition to migrate to digital broadcast networks across the country, but there are considerable challenges. We believe this partnership rises to those challenges.”

About Exset:
Exset is a broadcast technology and solutions company founded in 2011. It is based in The Netherlands with offices in the UK, Estonia and India. Exset provides complete solutions to the television industry focusing on emerging markets where localisation, social and economic factors require a fresh approach to traditional technology supply. Exset works collaboratively to provide a unique service, understanding developing markets and working with TV operators in to monetise platform deployments.

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