The Netherlands, 19th October 2016 –– InCable has become the latest operator to select Exset in order to create and deploy value add and dynamic advertising services across its digital cable network. One of the largest Pakistani cable operators, it’s based in Lahore and is currently rapidly expanding its digital network.

InCable is deploying Exset’s complete ecosystem with the latest bundled services. This is a turnkey integrated solution recently launched by the company at the heart of which sits its flagship DMS 5.0 middleware.

Mahmood Ulhaq, Exset’s Director of Business Development, Asia said, “We have worked with InCable to understand the market pressures it faces. We’re now supplying the powerful DMS 5.0 as well as surrounding technology. This includes high cost-effective, DMS-integrated Newland set-tops and EPG services together with dynamic ad insertion. InCable benefits by receiving set-tops with DMS integrated; the ability to create and launch services via the EPG; security options; and the DMS publishing engine. Then there’s also the enhanced EPG UI and its smart advertising capabilities.”

Irfan Goraya, Managing Director of I. N Cable pvt Ltd, said, “We very carefully looked at the market and we chose not to go with the cheapest option because we know that route has failed people in the past. We wanted a comprehensive solution that can help power our digital network rollout from both a technical and business perspective. Exset is providing that, not least with its consultancy services.”

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) current analogue switch-off date for the country is the end of September 2016. There have been challenges as the country moves from analogue to digital infrastructure with that date not the first that was announced.

Ulhaq said, “We are providing operators with the ability to create services in a digital world over and above video, adding massive additional value to their proposition, helping them drive the digital transition. This helps them in their arguments to convince subscribers to move to digital by creating a whole range of services at a price point that is attractive to the population. In turn, this increases their revenue and will reduce churn.”

About Exset:
Exset is a broadcast technology and solutions company founded in 2011. It is based in The Netherlands with offices in the UK, Estonia and India. Exset provides complete solutions to the television industry focusing on emerging markets where localisation, social and economic factors require a fresh approach to traditional technology supply. Exset works collaboratively to provide a unique service, understanding developing markets and working with TV operators in to monetise platform deployments. www.exset.com

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